Rebooking Policy

You may rebook for a later tour contained on AnastasiaDate’s official schedule provided the following prerequisites are met:
  • Tour must be paid in full by the payment deadline of the ORIGINAL tour;
  • All airline, hotel and travel service penalties incurred are your responsibility;
  • Rebookings made seven (7) days or less prior to the ORIGINAL tour departure date incurs an administrative fee of $150.00 together with payment of penalties from airlines, hotel and travel services;
  • Rebooking successive times incurs an administrative fee of $150.00 each;
  • All additional penalties and fees must be paid in full within five (5) days of Rebooking.
If any payment deadline is not met, rebooking becomes null and void. Your ORIGINAL tour booking will be cancelled on that date and will not be Rebooked (See below for Cancellation and Refund policies). By canceling a Rebooked Tour, your ORIGINAL tour booking is cancelled as of the date Rebooking was requested, including all cancellation penalties that would have been incurred if you had originally cancelled on that date instead of Rebooking.